Ardent Reel Kleen Kit

Ardent Reel Kleen Kit

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About This

Ardent Reel Kleen Kit

The Ardent Reel Kleen Kit ensures you're keeping your gear clean and pristine. Sitting water, saltwater especially, will corrode reels and ruin their internals. This chemical solvent removes dust, grime, salt, and any other materials that could hinder your fishing performance. Available in three sizes - 2 oz. and 16 oz. fluids, and a 6 oz. aerosol that dries clean.

Reel Kleen Cleaner-2 oz.
Reel Butter Oil- 1 oz.
Reel Butter Grease- 1 oz
Reel Guard Corrosion Inhibitor - 2 oz.
Cleaning Cloth
4 synthetic-tipped swabs

Reel Kleen Cleaner-2oz.
Reel Butter Oil- 1oz.
Reel Butter Grease- 1oz.
Cleaning Cloth
4 synthetic-tipped swabs

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