Stutter Step

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About This

Bill Lewis Stutter Step

A few years ago, the Bill Lewis Stutter Step changed top water fishing forever. The unique shape and tail design make it a triple threat when bass are feeding on top—you get three distinct actions from one bait. Unlike other walking baits, the Stutter Step helps you achieve a full 90-degree walking action, giving you precise control to steer your bait within inches of the cover you’re targeting. But if the bass are chasing, why walk when you can run? There are two medium-fast retrieves to choose from: cranked at a steady pace with a quiet rod tip, the Stutter Step emulates a buzz-bait, or you can crank ‘n’ twitch for a tantalizing ‘wag’ motion that drives bass crazy. The 4” StutterStep shares all the traits of its 5” predecessor but presents a smaller, more approachable profile that finicky bass prefer.

Product Specs

Weight: 5/8oz
Length: 4"
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