The Best Bluegill Swimbait Is A Head Hunter For Trophy Bass

Swimbaits have gone from trophy-hunters in California throwing giant trout imitators to a mainstream lure category. The evolution of swimbait fishing has expanded to all sizes of baits that catch fish everywhere. 

This category includes swimbaits like the 10,000 Fish HeadHunter, a swimbait with a lifelike profile, excellent swimming action, and realistic finishes.

Meet the 10,000 Fish HeadHunter

10000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait

As mentioned above, the HeadHunter is a lifelike swimbait and it’s equipped with a dorsal fin that both protects and conceals the hook, making it look more natural while also helping to prevent snags.

Inside the bait is a weight system that allows the lure to cast well and swim just like the real thing. Also included is a magnetic hook harness that holds the hook closely during the retrieve and releases when fighting fish, so fish have less leverage and have trouble freeing the hook, even when jumping out of the water.

It comes in two sizes, 3 ¼” (1/2-ounce) and 4 1/3″ (1-ounce), and has great action at all speeds thanks to the paddle tail design. Since it has flat sides, it also skips like a rock to reach way back into the shade under docks or overhanging trees.

Matching Bass Forage

10000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait

Each region has slight differences in what bass eat. In some areas, trout are a source of food; in some places, it is blueback herring, and in others is may be perch. Swimbaits that look like those species work well in those regions but may not get as much attention if those forage fish don’t live there.

One universal forage for bass is bluegill and other sunfish, as they coexist just about everywhere. That’s what makes the HeadHunter a good choice for bass fishing, bass love to eat bluegill and other sunfish.

It is available in seven colors, including a handful of bluegill and sunfish patterns but is also available in a crappie (Carbon Crappie) and gizzard shad (Gizzard Wizard) pattern to match two more of a bass’s favorite meals.

Where To Fish The 10,000 Headhunter

10000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait

Swimbaits can work just about everywhere, but somewhat clear water is usually one key as bass can easily find the bait from a long distance and track it before attacking.

Since the HeadHunter imitates baitfish like bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and shad, finding areas where they live helps. You can usually find these fish in the shallows around grass, wood, and rocks in spring, summer, and fall. These are prime areas to fish this swimbait.

It can be fished with a standard retrieve, making it look just like a little fish swimming through the water without a care in the world. You can also add slight twitches of the rod at times to get the bait to ‘pop’ and look like an injured fish. You can also fish it right along the bottom and it will rest nose down on the bottom, like a feeding sunfish or shad.

Gear Recommendations

10000 Fish Head Hunter Swimbait Recommendations

Some swimbaits require specialized equipment with heavy-duty rods, big reels, and heavy line. That’s not the case with the HeadHunter and its size allows it to be fished on standard bass gear. The same rod you use for casting jigs or pitching them to cover will likely be perfect for this swimbait.

A medium-heavy or heavy action rod around seven feet long will handle the bait great. You can also use your favorite baitcast reel without any trouble and your line size should be 15 to 20-pound test to handle the bigger bass that eat swimbaits. Fluorocarbon is an excellent choice for swimbaits since it is nearly invisible and swimbait fishing is highly visual and amazing for cleaner water.

The 10,000 Fish HeadHunter is an excellent swimbait that matches a variety of forage species. Whether you are new to swimbait fishing or not, this bait’s realistic look and action will help you catch more fish.

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