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The Best Tackle Tips You May Have Missed In June

Bass fishing is a sport that is loaded with tons of tips, hacks, and tricks that help anglers become better anglers and catch more fish. Whether you are just beginning to fish or are an experienced angler, there is always something to learn. Here we have put together a collection of our favorite fishing and tackle tips from the first …

dead sticking

Long Live Dead Sticking: The Art Of Dead Sticking For Bass

Dead sticking a soft plastic is a cold water technique most bass anglers know will produce bites, but they rarely use. But, why? Well, first and foremost, the most useful skill in dead sticking is patience, which is a virtue. What Is Dead Sticking? The most simple explanation of dead sticking is Texas rigging a soft plastic, casting it to …

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9 Surefire Ways To Unsnag Your Lures

Snagging sucks. But, it happens to the best (and worst) of us. When you get your lure stuck on a log or rock, use a few of MTB Hat Guy’s (terrible) tricks to get it loose. Check out how to (maybe) get unsnagged here: Have you ever used any of these tactics?

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10 Essentials Every Beginner Fisherman Needs

Are you a beginner fisherman and struggling with where to get started? Great! You came to the right place. Mystery Tackle Box is dedicated to exposing anglers to the widest variety of fishing tackle from the top manufacturers in the business – and teaching you how to use it properly through our Blog and social media feeds. We update them …


7 Fishing Knots You Need To Know

As anglers, we spend hours reading about the right rods, reels, line, and presentations necessary to catch more and bigger fish. We ruminate over the best way to dissect a piece of cover or better understand what our electronics are telling us. We’re even amateur meteorologists, and pay close attention to prevailing weather patterns. Lost in all this analysis is …