Winter Fishing Tips

Winter Bass Fishing Tips: How To Catch MORE Bass In The Snow

“Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” -Sammy Cahn I have never heard bass anglers actually sing these lyrics of a popular Christmas song, but I could understand if they did. Often times the bite can actually be fantastic on reservoirs where northern-strain largemouth live, especially if it’s the first snowstorm of winter. Fair-weather fishermen stay home on snowy …

Winter Grub Fishing

Winter Grub Fishing: A Classic Bait That Always Crushes

When the weather outside is frightful, but a fire inside is so delightful, some anglers still brave the cold because they know the bass are biting. Winter grub fishing can be a quick way to fill the boat when faced with winter lockjaw. Relying on your electronics will help you find wintertime bass in deep water. While keeping a vigil …

winter bass fishing tips

Winter Bass Fishing Tips: What, When, And Why!

Winter, a word that almost every avid bass angler dreads…almost. Winter bass fishing marks the end of a phenomenal bite when the fish were pushed up in the shallows, chasing baitfish and putting the feedbag on. Now, these fish are moving into their wintertime haunts offshore, and preparing for colder weather. While many anglers are storing their boats for the winter …

winter fishing

Your Complete Winter Fishing Guide Of Tips And Tricks

As long as I can launch my boat and reach spots that are ice-free, I am going to fish for bass throughout the winter. Since weather plays a key role in winter fishing, I have found the best time to chase bass is after two or three days of stable weather. A cold front usually shuts down the fishing until …


Putting Your Fishing Gear Away For The Winter Is Never Fun

If you live in many parts of the country, you’re just starting to come to terms with the fact that another fishing season has all but passed. Although fall fishing has graciously lingered, the last leaves are finally starting to trickle off their branches. If you haven’t made your last cast yet, it can’t be far away. It’s a painful …

best wintertime lures

Best Wintertime Lures For Florida Bass Fishing

Bass anglers should consider two key factors when picking out lures for wintertime fishing in Florida. Gainesville, Fla., touring pro Bernie Schultz suggests visiting anglers should take along lures that work well in shallow water and aquatic vegetation. They should also choose lures that can be used effectively around docks and cypress trees. Schultz lists the following lures as his …

How To Catch Winter Bass By Fishing Vertical Cover

If you are lucky enough to still have soft water nearby, then you know winter fishing can be tough. However, you can bet that there are still fish to be caught! When the water drops into the 40s, try fishing vertical cover such as rocky bluff walls and manmade seawalls.