Rapala Skitter Walk for Topwater Strikes

Have you walked the dog lately?  We’re talking about topwater fishing with the Skitter Walk® from Rapala®.  Its weighted tail, realistic eyes and internal rattles make this the perfect bait to drive bass crazy for topwater strikes and one of the easiest ‘walking the dog’ lures on the market!

One Angler’s Secret Weapon Is A ‘Little Brown Box’

Here at Mystery Tackle box, we receive daily feedback from our customers and we always welcome it with open arms, both good and bad.  Our customers are our best resource for improving our service and our #1 goal is to provide an unmatched experience for our monthly subscribers to help each one of them, novice or pro, expand their fishing …

Your Next Great Lakes Bass Fishing Trip

This guest post was written by Tim Hine of Rahfish.com In a sport where the North and the South are so very different, our worlds seem to collide with the same end goal of catching more and bigger fish.  The daily hunger the angler has for the latest and most precise information seems to have accelerated exponentially.  Having shared fish …

6 Tips For Bass Fishing In Tough Conditions

Who loves bass fishing?  We do!  Rain, shine, sleet, hail, wind, snow, ice…yep, all of the above!  Although, bass fishing in tough conditions can make things a little slow…for both you and the fish.  So, how do you find success in bad weather conditions? So, here are the 6 things to keep in mind when bass fishing in tough weather conditions: …

Welcome To The Lodge, The Official Blog Of Mystery Tackle Box

It’s official…read all about it!  We have launched the Mystery Tackle Box blog, The Lodge!  This is your resource to get the latest fishing tips and techniques, discover new and innovative baits, find top fishing products and much more!