When To Use A Soft-Bodied Squarebill To Catch More Fish

Crankbaits are one of the most essential bass fishing lures any angler will have in their tackle box. They are versatile, come in any size/shape/color combination you can imagine, and are proven to catch fish year round. One of the newest versions of these combinations is the soft-bodied squarebill variety. Soft bodied squarebills, like soft bodied lipless cranks, are relatively underfished by the bass fishing world, but they are gaining steam. Here’s why they work, and when you’ll want to opt for a soft bodied squarebill crank over a standard hard bodied crankbait.

When To Use A Soft Bodied Squarebill

castaic bd 1.5 squarebill

Soft bodied squarebills are perfect for fishing in shallow waters, when you are getting short strikes. Plain and simple, the main reason to use a soft bodied squarebill is to entice a fish to bite down harder and longer. The rubber on a squarebill like the BD Series 1.5 SB feels more like the soft texture of a baitfish than a balsa or hard plastic crank would. The bait will also deflect off cover, and give you a more silent presentation than a hard bodied squarebill, which can come equipped with a rattle.

When To Use Hard Bodied Squarebills

lucky craft fat isg

Hard bodied squarebills like the Lucky Craft Fat ISG CB are great baits for throwing around cover and structure in shallow water. If you’re looking to catch fish hanging out around 4 feet below the surface, you can bang these hard bodies off cover. Squarebills also tend to have a very tight wobble, meaning they are great for imitating struggling baitfish. When they are schooling up shallow, toss a hard bodied squarebill into shallow water, bump it off the rocks, and hold on!

The main reason to use a soft bodied squarebill is to generate longer strikes, enabling you to set the hook and CATCH a fish, rather than just generate strikes. The lifelike texture of the body will cause a bass to bite down and stay latched on while you set the hook. The dual hooks on most soft bodied squarebills will also make hooksets a breeze, as the trailing treble hook will likely set itself for you more often than not.

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