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Lucky John
Flat Crank

The Lucky John Flat Crank is a slim crankbait that attracts overweight fish. The unique, contoured body and right-sized bill create a tight wobble. The fish-shaped profile, eyes, and flashy scale pattern create the look of live prey. For best result, work it near shallow cover to trigger violent ambush attacks

Duckett Baits
BD Flash Jerkbait
Duckett Baits BD Flash Jerkbait

Bassmaster Classic champion Boyd Duckett hasn't had the success that he has throughout his career by cutting corners. Teaming up with Castaic the duo have created a top notch jerkbait that reflects Duckett's passion for quality. From the internal weight transferring system all the way to the paint job this bait is an all around beauty. Do yourself a favor and make sure to have one of these tied up next time you're out on the water!

Googan Squad

The Googan Squad Banger is a square bill crankbait designed to be fished around cover such as rock or wood, docks, and pilings. The square bill design allows for easy deflection when banged against cover.

Acme Tackle
Kalin's Google Eye Swing Football Jig

Kalin's Google Eye Swing Football Jig offers more movement than a standard jig because of its free-swinging design. This jig lets you work soft plastic baits through dense cover to trigger ambush strikes from lurking predators.

Catch Co.
Tight Rope Baby Firework Super Jig

The Baby Firework Super Jig is a hard-hitting finesse jig designed by urban anglers. The compact profile, quality components, and natural action generate strikes bulkier jigs will not. Rig this jig up, target clear rocky water, and watch things pop off.Chicago anglers JayPee Hey and Ryan Whitacre teamed up with Catch Co to bring a fiery finesse jig to all anglers.

10,000 Fish
Sukoshi Bug

The Sukoshi Bug from 10,000 Fish is a brand new, minimalist, finesse creature bait. The design features a ribbed body made from Stretch-X Plastic, topped of with 6 flapping appendages near the head.

Savage Gear
4D Craw

The Savage Gear 4D Craw is so realistic because it's made from a 3D scan of a crawfish. That process has given this bait a natural look, with appendages that move in a lifelike way to attract nearby predators.

Paca Slim
NetBait Paca Slim

The Netbait Paca Slim is an awesome way to pull fish from vegetation, tules, and pads. The slim body can be fished alone on a Texas or Carolina rig and generate tons of strikes. The best way to fish it, however, is to throw it on a jig. Put it on your favorite punching jig and pitch into any cover. The appendages, legs, claws, and body all pack tons of action that will be bit time after time.

Lucky John
3D Makora Shad Tail

The Lucky John Pro Series 3D Makora Soft Swim is a great little swimbait perfect for catching fish all seasons. Whether you're fishing open water or heavy cover, this swimbait has a tremendous action that flat out catches fish. Rig it on a weighted jig head for distance on your cast or a screw lock swimbait hook for weedlessness, chuck this bait out and it is only a matter of time before you cross paths with a lunker.

Performance Hooks
Spearpoint Performance Hooks

Spearpoint Performance Hooks have an innovative design that will help you catch more fish. After the hookset, the V shape firmly positions the hook in the fish's jaw—it's not coming out until the fight is over!