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These tools serve multiple purposes, including cutting fishing lines, removing hooks, crimping split shot weights, and performing other essential tasks. 

Pliers provide a secure grip and leverage to handle hooks, split rings, and other tackle components. They are essential for removing hooks from fish, especially those with sharp teeth or deep hook sets, providing a secure grip and leverage to safely and efficiently extract the hook. Pliers are also useful for crimping split shot weights onto fishing lines, allowing anglers to adjust the weight distribution and achieve the desired depth and presentation while fishing.

Scissors offer precise cutting capabilities, allowing anglers to trim excess line or quickly change lures. Scissors are essential for cutting fishing lines with precision, whether it's monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided lines. 

Line cutters, whether in the form of specialized tools or built-in features on pliers or scissors, provide efficient line cutting without the need for excessive force. They are particularly useful when changing out hooks, lures, or leaders, providing clean and precise cuts that ensure smooth line transitions and maintain the overall strength and integrity of the line.