Special Discount Program



Catch Co. honors those who serve. Active duty military, veterans, first responders, and nurses are eligible for a 10% discount on Karl's Bait & Tackle and Mystery Tackle Box.

To access this discount, simply verify your status by clicking on the ID.me button on the checkout page. After following the prompts and completing the process, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on future purchases with your shopkarls.com account.


What is ID.ME?
ID.me is the leading independent identity verification service used by hundreds of companies to offer discounts to millions of individuals. For more details, visit ID.me.

How Do I Verify my identity?
The entire verification process (including any eligibility determinations) is handled by ID.me. You can verify your identity by clicking on the ID.me button on the shopkarls.com checkout page and following the prompts. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to have an item in your cart to see the ID.me button on the checkout out page. You DO NOT have to make this purchase in order to register for ID.me. Once registered, you can remove the item from your cart (unless you REALLY want it).

You can also create an ID.me account at 

What Happens When I Verify My Status?
Once your eligibility is verified, you will immediately receive the 10% discount on Karl’s Bait & Tackle and Mystery Tackle Box. You can also visit the ID.me Marketplace to access offers and discounts from other companies.

Will this apply to my active subscription?
Once your account is verified, your subscription will automatically reflect the discount.

Does this stack with Karl's Club discounts?
Oh, you know it! Absolutely! Karl's Club members who qualify receive an additional 10% off on top of any Club discounts.

Are there any exclusions?
All purchases made on Karl’s Bait & Tackle and Mystery Tackle Box are eligible with the exception of Karl’s Club membership fees and gift certificates.

Can I Provide My Discount to Non-Eligible Friends?
No, this program is only for eligible members. ID.me employs technology that can direct fraudulent use across accounts and reserves the right to revoke access/membership from anyone abusing their terms of use.

Having Trouble?
ID.me is standing by to help 24 hours a day. For assistance call 1-866-775-IDME or email [email protected].