Cortland Master Braid

Cortland Master Braid

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Cortland Master Braid

Cortland Master Braid—it's one of the most popular high-performance braided fishing lines ever made. This “solid core” super line has Cortland’s famous Spectron braid on the inside, and an outer coating that makes the finished product super-smooth, with just the right amount of stiffness. Master Braid is manufactured using a technique that gives it a consistently round shape. That means you can cast further and more accurately, with the line easily shooting through your guides. Master Braid has only 4% stretch, which gives you maximum hook-setting power with minimal line diameter. Whether you use spinning or casting reels, fish in fresh or saltwater, Cortland Master Braid is a fantastic choice for any technique that calls for strong, small-diameter, abrasion-resistant fishing line.

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