Doomsday Tackle FatMan

Doomsday Tackle FatMan

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About This

Doomsday Tackle FatMan

Doomsday Tackle’s Fat Man Creature Bait weighs in at ½ oz before you even get it on a hook, so you know it can penetrate the thick stuff. Featuring Doomsday’s high-turbulence ribbed body, this soft plastic displaces more water than your typical ribbed creature bait. The bait is specifically designed for you to have two enticing options: leave the appendages together for one big flapper, or separate them for two independently moving claws. Doomsday’s exclusive Nano Salt technology serves both as added weight, and a lockjaw device, keeping bass latched down once they hit the bait and giving you more time to rip that lip.

Product Specs

Size: 4.6"
Pack Size: 6
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