Fathom Inshore Jig Tail Shrimp

Fathom Inshore Jig Tail Shrimp

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About This

Fathom Inshore Jig Tail Shrimp

Shrimp are the staple diet of many of the most popular species of fish that reside inshore. The Jig Tail Shrimp from Fathom Inshore is a unique new jig design that allows you to turn almost any soft plastic into a killer shrimp imitation. Nothing drives inshore fish crazier than seeing the trademark backwards fleeing motion of a distressed shrimp. That frantic up-and-down motion is replicated perfectly by the Jig Tail Shrimp, thanks to the innovative fan tail-style head. Want to get more action from your favorite soft plastic? Get a little shrimpy with it and rig it on the Jig Tail Shrimp, only from Fathom Inshore.

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