Fathom Inshore Popping Cork

Fathom Inshore Popping Cork

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About This

Fathom Inshore Popping Cork

Every now and then, even a good bait needs a little help to finish the deal. Popping corks have been used for decades, and they have been used for one reason only: to set them up so the lure can knock them down. Just like the rest of Fathom Inshore’s products, the Popping Cork is engineered better to fish better. Featuring internal rattle chambers, the Fathom Inshore Popping Cork helps accentuate the actions of the chosen lure by creating the noise that fish recognize as the sound of fleeing, distressed baitfish and prey. Built with stronger hardware and improved visibility, the Fathom Inshore Pooping Cork is a new twist on an old standard that will continue to keep the big ones on the gaffe.

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