Fathom Inshore Pro-Select Belly Blade Jig Head

Fathom Inshore Pro-Select Belly Blade Jig Head

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Fathom Inshore Pro-Select Belly Blade Jig Head

For as good as a jig and plastic combo is, there are times when it just won’t cut it. Sometimes visibility plays a factor, and sometimes, the fish just don’t want to open their traps for the same old, same old. When these situations present themselves, the best option is a jig with the added flash of a blade. The Pro-Select Belly Blade Jig Head from Fathom Inshore is a great piece of tackle in these scenarios for a couple of reasons. First, the Belly Blade Jig Head is anchored by the durable-high-performing Pro-Select Jig Heads, which are glorious in their own right. Adding a sleek, shiny blade onto that head style is the cherry on top, and will help you sway those fish that have a hard time seeing or caring about your bait. Designed with components capable of landing tough inshore species, don't overlook this underspin for bass, too!

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