Favorite Fishing Rigged Phantom Casting Rod

Favorite Fishing Rigged Phantom Casting Rod

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Favorite Fishing Rigged Phantom Casting Rod

OMG IT’S JON B!!!!.....Well, not actually but it’s the Jon B signature Rigged Phantom Rod! Fishing with the same stick as the B-Roll king himself instantly quadruples your swag AND increases your chances of catching fish. The lightweight, graphite blank has a tapered build which maximizes both sensitivity and casting distance. A true ‘all-around’ casting rod, this Rigged Phantom Rod will help you KEEP FISHING AND NEVER STOP.

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On: 1/28/2019


I received this pole twice first time snapped in half and after the replacement was sent I received a cut in half pole box with nothing in it. other than that a good rod



On: 12/12/2018


The best rod out there.