Stanley Y-Not

Stanley Y-Not

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About This

Stanley Y-Not

Stanley Lures introduces the Y-NOT, a lure so unique that nothing on the market today compares!
The name comes from its simple Y-shaped body, yet there is nothing simple about this lure's design and it's uncanny ability to mimic a living, breathing crawfish. It drives bass crazy!

Small air pockets are built into the legs of the Y-NOT. Rattlers can be placed into the air pockets for added attraction or the chambers can be left empty to trap air for a greater buoyancy. When bouncing the Y-NOT along the bottom of a lake or pond the two legs stand straight up, imitating with amazing realism a defensive crawfish with pincers in the air.

With every cast of the Y-NOT, air is trapped in the air chambers and within the dozens of soft, flexible rings surrounding the lure's body and legs. Tiny air bubbles are emitted from the soft bait each time it is jerked or twitched through the water. Just like live prey, bass are drawn to the “breathing” bait by the sound and sight of the air bubbles. The air pockets and small rings of the legs and the larger rings surrounding the thick body trap enough air to keep it “breathing” for several feet.

“The collapsible rings feel like something alive. When the fish grabs it, they just hold on,” says Lonnie Stanley. Bass hang on tight and it's hard to miss the fish when setting the hook. The point of the hook is exposed yet hidden in the flexible rings, for weedless fishing. The Y-NOT's versatility is unmatched. It is ideal for Carolina and Texas rigging. It's the perfect bait to use with Drop Shots and Shakey Heads, and according to Stanley there is no better jig trailer. The soft bait is great for pitching, flipping, and suspending.

When pulled behind a bare hook the Y-NOT looks amazingly like a frog. The trapped air adds a buoyancy that floats the soft bait along the water's surface. As the air bubbles escape the lure sinks so slowly, that it looks just like a frog swimming with outstretched legs. “Add a 5/0 hook and the bait will suspend the hook, sinking ever so slowly,” says Stanley. “It is absolutely awesome for fishing a Carolina Rig.”

Place a #5 rattler in each of the two air chambers and the Y-NOT works great in muddy water or at night, when anglers need a little something extra to get the fish's attention. Also, fish-attracting scents cling to this bait longer when placed into the hollow chambers in the legs or between the soft, flexible rings. 4 per pack

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