Rage Tail Cut-R Worm

Rage Tail Cut-R Worm

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About This

Strike King Rage Tail Cut-R Worm

How To Rig:
There are a few different ways to rig this bait to achieve maximum action. One popular way is to simply Texas-rig this worm on a 4/0 hook with a ⅛ to ¼ oz bullet weight. This allows the bait to easily slip through grass. Another common rigging technique is to use a weighted swimbait hook with a screw-lock head. This also swims naturally through cover, but unlike the Texas-rigged worm (which falls straight nose-down when paused), the Cut-R worm rigged with this swimbait hook will glide down. This natural-looking fall is difficult for bass to resist! If you are feeling adventurous, you can even try the “dangle berry rig,” which you can see here! According to the designer, former BASS Elite Series angler Lee Sisson, “One advantage this has over weighted hooks is it doesn’t dampen the action. The free swinging weight allows the bait to roll side-to-side during retrieve.”

Equipment to Use:
-7’ 2” medium heavy casting rod
-7.2:1 casting reel
-14-16lb fluorocarbon

Where to Fish:
The Cut-R worm features the wildly popular and successful flange that gives Rage Tail its name. The tail of this worm moves more like a beaver-tail swimbait or plastic, which makes it perfect swimming around shallow cover. Try fishing the Cut-R worm in shallow water (less than 6 feet) around grass, stumps, laydowns, and docks. Fish it exactly as you would fish a spinnerbait or swimjig - reel slowly, twitching the bait along the way, and then killing it periodically and letting it sink. Since this technique is almost 100% snagless, you can really experiment with all sorts of retrieves around heavy cover without getting hung up.

When to Fish:
The Cut-R worm is an awesome bait around the spawn - pre, during and post. During the prespawn and spawn, you can use this bait as a more subtle search bait. Cast parallel to the bank and look for small bass to nip at it or follow it back to the boat. These aggressive guys are often the males, who chase bait off the beds more frequently than females. Once you encounter an aggressive male, slow down your approach and look for the female. The Cut-R Worm is so versatile that it can be used as a search bait and a bedfishing bait! After the spawn, use the Cut-R worm to find bass protecting their fry.

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