Googan Baits Drag n Drop 4"

Googan Baits Drag n Drop 4"

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About This

Googan Baits Drag n Drop 4"

Designed by Alex Peric, the Googan Baits Drag n Drop is a finesse killer. The 4" drop shot worm had a bait-fish profile. Whether you’re fishing offshore or faced with pressured fish, this little bass snack should be able to produce a bite.


  • Reel: Spinning 2500 Size Reel
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'2' Medium-Light -Medium Heavy Power Fast Action
  • Line:  6-12lb Fluorocarbon

Product Specs

Length: 4"
Pack Size: 9 pack
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8 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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On: 1/21/2019

Love it

Love the action could cast all day and not catch a thing but watching the action worth the time spent but catching bites all day with this plastic



On: 11/7/2018

googan baits

they are truly some of the best baits out there



On: 11/3/2018

Drag n Drop

This a great bait that looks and smells great. You can tell a lot of passion and experience went into the overall design and marketing. Hats off to the Googan Squad. I don’t really have anything bad to say about these baits.



On: 11/2/2018

Maybe it was just me

When these arrived the package with baits was open. I got other googan baits so I noticed these were not as moist and the smell wasn’t as strong. These actually got to me pretty quick after opening so I can’t decide if these are just like this or mine were exposed a bit to long. I still use them but not to much. Maybe I will try again. The other baits from Googan were great! Karl’s did a great job getting them to me quickly and I will definitely be ordering from here again



On: 10/23/2018

The Hype is Real!!!

I finally got my hands on some Googan Baits (thanks Karl!!!!). I was bummed that it wasn't until late in the season and the weather/water has been COLD here in Michigan (especially when kayak fishing). I sucked it up and got in the water after I received my baits and was pleasantly surprised. The water was cold and the fish were spread out but the baits didn't disappoint. I was getting nibbles with a t-rigged trench hawg but couldn't get the bass to commit. I switched to the Drag n Drop (wacky rigged on a flickity split) and that was it. The fish couldn't ignore this like they did everything else I tried to throw. Great job Googan Squad! It is a quality product that I plan to keep in my inventory. I am excited to throw these baits when the bite turns up again!



On: 10/14/2018

Best bait

Best drop shot bait I have ever used



On: 10/4/2018

Fire for up north

You can tell these were made by Jon B, a northern angler, because they are perfect for a finesse presentation to overfished ponds, smaller bass, and colder water. Wacky rig or drop shot and you’ll never get skunked



On: 10/3/2018

Caught some big ones on these

I've only been fishing for a few months now, and after waiting 6 weeks for these to finally stock and ship, I wasn't disappointed. These worked best for me while river fishing. I pulled 6 largies out of the same pocket on a river in roughly 10 minutes. These baits really do the trick, and I'm glad Karls has them in stock! I used the Sunset Bug color, clear steady running water. Nobody else in my group hit the fish as much as I did.