Googan Baits Krackin' Craw 4"

Googan Baits Krackin' Craw 4"

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About This

Googan Baits Krackin' Craw 4"

The Googan Baits Krackin' Craw is the perfect option for flipping, pitching or adding to the back of a jig trailer. Designed with patented kicking claws, this bait displaces water with ease while calling in big fish.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.1:1-7.5:1
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'6'' Medium - Heavy Power Fast to Extra Fast Action
  • Line: 14-20lb Flurocarbon or 30-50lb Braided Line

Product Specs

Length: 4"
Pack Size: 7 pack
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On: 1/24/2019





On: 1/10/2019

Googan baits

I love to action on them



On: 12/20/2018

Greatest thing to come to the fishing culture

This is honestly the most amazing product on the market, I’ve watched the googan squad complete MTB slams after MTB slams and I always told myself one day I’m gonna do that and I did and so far these boxes are amazing the amount of profit I make on these boxes is worth it u make your money back every order and you get a box loaded with baits that actually work but the only thing I would ask is that the googan baits make it into next months months box plz that would be amazing p.s heyyyy karrrlll



On: 11/17/2018

Best Craw

Caught my PB of 5lbs on this bait. i went from never getting those big bites to getting near one ever time i go out. Best action from a crawfish bait on the market.



On: 11/6/2018

Great action

Has the best action of any craws



On: 11/6/2018

Krackin craw

I really love that there is so many variety’s of colors and ways to fish it like on Texas rig Carolina rig weedless or even a jig trailer!



On: 11/3/2018

Krackin’ Craw

This a great bait that looks and smells great. You can tell a lot of passion and experience went into the overall design and marketing. Hats off to the Googan Squad. I don’t really have anything bad to say about these baits.



On: 11/2/2018

Best baits ever!

These are by far my favorite baits ever I have never used anything that is caught more fish and had a better action before!!!! I definitely recommend them!!!



On: 10/17/2018

A real banging bait

I fish the flint river down here in the great state of Georgia and the krackin craw is a game changer. Down here we have a species of black bass called shoal bass and it’s one of the hardest fighting bass I’ve ever wrestled with. they’re very skidish and the action and the added scent takes that all away. They are absolutely amazing 10/10



On: 10/11/2018

The best bait I the world

I Caught a 1 pouder on the second cast



On: 10/2/2018

Best Craw out there

I Texas rig this bad boy and pin a weight to the top. Bass love it!



On: 10/2/2018

Kraken craw

They are some of the best craws on the market catch one almost ever time I use the kraken craw