Googan Baits Trench Hawg 6"

Googan Baits Trench Hawg 6"

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About This

Googan Baits Trench Hawg 6"

This 6'' long bait is packed with features from head to tail! It's unique shape and flange create a profile in the water which is sure to entice bites. Pull out the Trench Hawg and combat the biggest fish in the lake, they don't stand a chance. This beast is great on a Texas rig, but really excels dragged on the bottom as a monster-hunting Carolina rig bait!


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.1:1-7.5:1
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'6'' Medium - Heavy or Heavy Power Fast to Extra Fast Action
  • Line: 10-20lb Fluorocarbon

Product Specs

Length: 6"
Pack Size: 7 pack
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On: 1/2/2019

JON .B =sauce god

I like em



On: 11/26/2018


Just amazingly great thank Googan Squad and Karl's Bait and Tackle.



On: 11/2/2018


Mostly every cast it's getting swallowed up



On: 11/2/2018

This gets em

Got these baits and like most was super excited to use them. I’m pretty happy with crank and jerk baits and wanted to get better with soft plastics. I got bites right away. I was surprised and very happy



On: 10/16/2018

Live bait user my whole life. I have been converted!

I am not kidding I have used live bait my whole life and on 58 years old now I've used flies for trout but I have never used lures for bass I don't know why, oh yes I do because I always got bass with worms or other life fish but I've been watching Lunkers TV since this year only but I'm hooked so I'm watching all the episodes and Googan Baits is always talked about and I see the fish that you're catching but I'm out here in California and the fish bite differently depending on where you go just like over there but the Googan Baits kept catching and catching and I went crazy I said screw it I'm going to get some of those. Well two days ago I was able to try the trench hog, and the first place I went to called, San Luis reservoir I didn't catch anything but it's a very large reservoir in the fish must've been in deeper water and I was onshore so I went to a different reservoir which will remain unnamed because it's not crowded and it is loaded with bass so I show up as a couple kids fishing on the boat dock and I get down there and I hook it up just like I've been watching Lunkers TV do, and it works! It gets on the hook real well and I cast it in and a half second later I pulled in a 3-pound bass. Now that was great, but in the next hour I would catch eight more all of them larger 5 to 8 pounds no kidding my best day ever, there is one thing I'd like to say I wish the lures lasted longer without getting destroyed by the big bass, ha ha I just kidding, I caught all of them on one lure, but the lure was completely destroyed and I loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!



On: 10/11/2018

Love it

Catches a lot of quality fish, thank you googan squad for this amazing array of baits. Keep it up!