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Fourth of July 2019 Fourth of July 2019

Tungsten is the most precious metal to all fishing enthusiasts, for its increased sensitivity and durability. The Heavy Metal Tungsten brand celebrates this metal with another awesome form of metal: Rock & Roll. Through head-banging rock and all the themes associated with it, Heavy Metal Tungsten forms one of the most electric brands of jigs and jig heads are known to anglers today.

With a rockin’ product for almost any terminal technique, the Heavy Metal Tungsten lineup will provide you with hardworking, longlasting, and environmentally baits specifically designed to help you catch the bigguns.

Advantages Of Tungsten

Tungsten steel is denser in weight than lead, so a tungsten jighead can be made smaller yet weigh the same as a lead jighead. This allows you to fish an even smaller profile on a finesse technique, good for tricking bass in heavily pressured waters. Tungsten produces more sound underwater than lead. A tungsten weight emits a loud ticking and clacking sound similar to a jig rattle when it hits rocks. This sound will draws bass to your rig.

The biggest advantage noticed in tungsten weights is the increased sensitivity it provides. Since it is denser than lead, tungsten is harder, so it is better at helping you feel bottom composition and structure with your lure. A tungsten sinker gives you a better feel for what your bait is doing whether you are fishing wood, rocks, sand or clay bottom. Using a tungsten weight also helps detect bites easier. Since you can feel the weight bumping into the bottom, losing contact with the bottom usually signals a bass has sucked in the lure and you need to set the hook.

Better for the Enviroment

Some environmentalists have tried to get lead out of fishing tackle for years and with the growing popularity of tungsten, they might get their wish. The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) has reported mortality in some waterbird species. The Common Loon has been linked to the ingestion of lead fishing tackle; however, it has only been shown to affect a small number of individual birds, not the health of the population. ASA has been heavily involved in educating lawmakers and the public about the minimal environmental consequences of lead tackle though and the negative impacts an unwarranted ban on such tackle would have on fishing participation and sportfishing businesses.

Tungsten does not have the toxic characteristics of lead, so you will be using a more environmentally friendly setup if you choose to go with tungsten. Also, some states have banned the use of lead fishing tackle so you stay out of trouble with the law in those states if you fish with tungsten.

Popular Techniques Paired with Heavy Metal Tungsten

Dragging / Hopping / Swimming Texas Rigs
Worm Weights

Flippin’ or Punching
Flippin' Weights

Carolina Rigs
Flippin’ or Worm Weights

Dropshot Open Water/Rocks
Drop Shot Round Ball

Drop Shot In Grass
Drop Shot Cylinder Weight

Deep Offshore Fishing
Football Head, Shakey Head

Shallow Grass
Flash Bang, Worm Weights

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