KidCasters Telescopic No-Tangle Kit

KidCasters Telescopic No-Tangle Kit

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About This

KidCasters Telescopic No-Tangle Kit

When kids first get into fishing, they need an easy to use pole, and they need to catch fish. These help with both! The push button caster won’t backlash, and helps cast easier than standard children’s spinning reels. Just click, cast, and get ready for a bite! The reels are easy to use, so your little angler will be able to pull in fish all by themselves.

Product Specs

Length: extends to 29" - retracts to 17"
Gear Ratio: 3.0:1
Hook: Safety Hook
Bonus: Snap Swivel to prevent lune twisting
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On: 11/17/2017


I just bought this for my Freshman son. He likes it a lot.