Lucky John Pilot XDR

Lucky John Pilot XDR

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About This

Lucky John Pilot XDR

The Lucky John Pilot XDR is a money little bait you can use to catch just about any species in just about any type of water. Ponds, lakes, rivers, and creeks all fall victim to this slayer! Tie it on and chuck it into open water, its small baitfish profile is something no species can turn down.

Product Specs

Diving Depth: 4 - 8'
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On: 12/6/2018

Gr8 crankb8

I really like it it has a lot of flash and it dives pretty shallow and it’s really good for this tough cold bass fishing I recommend this product and I’ll do a video on it on YouTube -Khaos Green Fishing



On: 12/1/2018

Nice bait!!!

Very effective cold water bait, 40 to 50 degrees. Only reason I didn't rate this hardbait with 5 stars is that it gets hung up in wood easier than other shallow baits. Dragging this thing across rocks is as good as it gets. I have eight of these bad boys,...and a disgorger. Love 'em!!!!



On: 11/26/2018

Nice little bait

Got this bait in my first MTB. Took it out a few times and so far I love it. No fish yet, but it has a nice action. Plus the fact that it floats means it backs off of cover well (minimizes snags). Treble hooks are nice and sharp. I think it's a great all around lure. Very satisfied.



On: 11/26/2018

Pleasantly Surprised

Had a great time using this lure back in September, action was great and I found it did well around the trees. Only downside was I broke it 2nd time out, not the fault of the lure as it is very good quality just don't hit the side of your boat when casting is all. Really wish there were more colour options. Held up great against some small pike.