Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait

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About This

13 Fishing Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait

It's one of those things you wish you'd thought of—putting the blade of a buzzbait behind an enticing soft plastic lure. The guys at 13 Fishing beat you to it, and the result is their incredible new Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait. This bait creates plenty of splash and a unique sound, thanks to the churning blade, while the molded baitfish-shaped body lets you snake through cover in a way that traditional buzzbaits just can't handle. The Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait's blade features a frameless design that allows the bait to have a compact profile, enabling longer casts. This bait's 3/0 VMC wide gap hook comes pre-rigged and is sharp, durable, and unbelievably strong, allowing you to wrestle fish out of heavy cover. If you want to hit a lot of water with a bait that will call fish in from a distance and induce vicious top water strikes, you can’t go wrong with the innovative Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait form 13 Fishing!

Important Note: The Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Bait is made up of a unique blend of plastic materials that melts in prolonged direct sunlight and reacts with regular PVC plastics. Store your Motor Boat Hybrid Prop Baits in a shaded location and separate from your other plastics.

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