Flippin' Kit

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About This

Flippin' Kit

What is Flipping?

In the bass fishing world, flipping is close-quarters combat fishing. When flipping, anglers use a casting reel to send a lure to a specific shallow water target area while employing an underhand ‘flipping’ motion.

From the bank to the boat, flipping is a highly effective (and fun) way to fish for bass. Virtually everywhere a bass calls home has some sort of cover that can be flipped at, chances are there's a bass near it!

Common Flipping Targets -  Docks, trees, rocks, wood, laydowns, and anywhere else an angler thinks a bass may seek shelter. Given the nasty nature of bass’ habitat, stout gear and strong hook sets are needed to effectively seal the deal.

We know bass relate to cover and structure, which requires anglers to target shallow water areas loaded with snags. Using weedless flipping style baits helps anglers quickly pick apart bass hangouts, without worrying about getting hung up.

What's Inside

Total MSRP value: $27.06, colors may vary from shown

Gamechanger Trashmaster

MSRP: $5.49

Designed by legendary lure designer Steve Parks, the Trashmaster is the ultimate junk fishing jig. Instead of a standard weedguard, this jig comes with a patented screw lock design allowing for a Texas-rigged finish on a powerful flipping jig.

Screw on your favorite soft plastic trailer and start flipping and pitching at any docks, stumps, reeds, or shallow cover. The sleek head design allows this jig to slip in and out of the thick stuff without getting hung up, and the custom designed Heavy Hammer Hook will lock onto most biting bass.

GameChanger Lures Eeliminator

MSRP: $5.49

This versatile soft plastic will help present unique swimming action that drives bass wild. The fishy looking body style and long pulsating tail make the Eeliminator a great option while fishing near sparse grass, docks, and areas that don’t require a slender body. The Eeliminator shape and swimming action help you mimic a small baitfish or amphibian swimming through the water column.

Catch Co. Flippin' Jig

MSRP: $3.80

A flippin’ box without a flippin’ jig would be flippin’ ridiculous. Don’t worry, we've got you covered. The Catch Co. Flippin’ jig is designed to be dangled in nasty cover and has the ability to winch out big fish after they bite. Pair this jig with any of the soft plastics included in this box and get to work.

BioSpawn VileBug

MSRP: $6.29

The BioSpawn VileBug is one of newer soft plastics to join the BioSpawn line-up and it’s quickly becoming a favorite amongst anglers in the know. A patented flange tail finish from lure designer Steve Parks (who invented Rage Tail) is the icing on the cake for this scrumptious soft plastic.

Catch Co. Saw Craw

MSRP: $5.99

The Catch Co. Saw Craw is so effective and versatile it’s almost unfair to other soft plastic baits. Juiced with STANK, each Saw Craw will help you match the action, profile, and smell of local forage the bass in your area are keying in on. This bait is a stand-alone fish catcher but also works well when trailed behind the Flippin’ Jig.

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