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Mike Bucca's Gingerbread Baby Bull Shad


Product Details

Catch Co. Mike Bucca's Gingerbread Baby Bull Shad

Limited Edition: Catch Co. and Mike Bucca teamed up to bring the holiday spirit with a Gingerbread Shad color scheme on the classic Baby Bull Shad. This collectors item can be hung from the Christmas tree as an ornament or fished with. If you place this on your tree as an ornament, consider removing the hooks. We don't want pets or children to get hurt. If you want to fish with the bait, remember to remove the white string that is attached to the line tie.

Sink Rate: Slow-Sinking 

Gear Recommendations: 

Rod Power: Medium to Medium-Heavy (Crankbait Style Rods)
Rod Action: Moderate
Reel Speed: Medium to Fast Retrieval Speed
Line: 10-15lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament

Product Specs

Specs: Slow Sinking, ABS Injected Plastic
Hook Size: #6
Length: 3.75"
Weight: 1/2 oz
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