Perfection Lures Sure Hook-Up Shaky Head

Perfection Lures Sure Hook-Up Shaky Head

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About This

Perfection Lures Sure Hook-Up Shaky Head

Professional fishing legend David Dudley designed this jig head with two titanium wire legs for a few reasons. The first of which is obvious - for support. Shakey heads have long had problems standing upright, and these legs fix that problem almost immediately. This support allows for the bait to stand up vertically at all times, easing hooksets and increasing strikes. When your plastic is standing directly up in the air and bass feed on it, they are more likely to ingest the entire bait. With that whole hook in their mouth, setting the hook and getting them back to your boat has never been easier. The bells and whistles don’t stop there, as the recessed line tie also protects your knot from abrasion when you fish it around docks and rocks, and the bait keeper holds your bait on tight through all the commotion when fishing on the bottom.

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