PowerPro Spectra Braid Fishing Line

PowerPro Spectra Braid Fishing Line

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PowerPro Spectra Braid Fishing Line

We’ve thrown this line in the showcase to make sure any time the bite calls for line this season, you’ve got the right stuff for the job. Unlike the older style braided lines, fishing with PowerPro is as easy as fishing with monofilament. An incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line, PowerPro doesn't bury in the spool, and casts long and smooth -- even after a hard strike. PowerPro outperforms monofilament lines in any situation and leaves other superlines in the dust.

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17 reviews | 4.1 out of 5

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On: 1/13/2019


Bests line I have ever used ,caught a shark on it



On: 10/8/2018

Best Braid for the Money!

This is the best braid that I’ve ever used. I use 35lb braid on my flipping rods and Carolina Rig rods. I use 20lb as my main line for all of my spinning rods with a fluorocarbon leader. This line is smooth and doesn’t backlash if you set your reel appropriately and don’t overdo it. As with any baitcaster, you can backlash if you don’t have an active thumb or try to throw it too hard with the brakes set incorrectly. The fact that it’s braid makes it very difficult to untangle, but this has nothing to do with the brand or line quality and is more likely a fact of improper settings and usage. This line is also not indestructible, but with proper usage I have never broken off a fish with either 35lb or 20lb. I’ve lost many Monofilament leaders with my Carolina Rig rod, but I’ve never broke the main line. Bottom line is that this is some of the absolute best braid for the money!



On: 9/15/2018

Reel good braid

This braid is perfect for flipping. I recommend if you use super slick or just about any braided line. Add about 3 yards of monofilament. On the spool first then tie a double uni-knot to combine them together.



On: 8/1/2018

why i like Karls bait and tackle

every thing is cheaper and it is better



On: 5/9/2018

First time user

I've used braided line before but this is the first time with this brand. I am very pleased of the smoothness of this line. I will definitely use again.



On: 4/20/2018

only braid ive bought and been using for years

birds nest is because yall don't know how to throw a bait caster with braid. Use mono or floro instead of braid. i use power pro on my spinning rods 20 lb test i've caught 8lb bass with it and many upper slot reds.



On: 3/2/2018

Best Braid Ever

Casts extremely smooth!



On: 1/30/2018

Best braid on the market for flipping and pitching around heavy brush.

Great braid have it on all my bait casters. The smaller sizes will snap. I recommend at least 50lb. At least for your pitching and flipping around heavy brush.



On: 1/23/2018

Excellent braided line

These 1 star reviewers don't know what they are talking about. Power Pro is an excellent braid, from 6lb up to 60lb it is reliable and lasts a long time. Any birds nests, especially on a baitcaster is the fault of the operator. Learn to set up your brakes and how to feather a cast. Braid (all brands) casts differently than mono, turn up the brakes guys!



On: 1/8/2018


2 throws from my baitcaster it birdnested and i had to cut it all off my reel. Wasted money



On: 1/8/2018

Awesome product

My favorite braid for flipping, punching, and frogging! Great stuff!



On: 1/8/2018

frays quickly

Lost a 1 oz lure on my first cast.. seems that it frays and breaks very easily would not recommend for avid anglers



On: 10/30/2017


J-braid by Daiwa is way smoother and doesn't backlash as easy jmo!



On: 10/11/2017


broke of 30 lb on first cast on a like 5 lb bass



On: 8/31/2017

Good Not Great

good product. not sure i would buy it again though. i prefer seguar to this all day.



On: 8/15/2017

Very amazing

I loved this line this is the only braid I have on all my reels. So smith when casting you can also make those really long cast



On: 5/27/2017

Works nice

Works nice....very pleased