Topwaters Kit

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About This

Topwaters Kit

Topwater fishing is any type of bait retrieval across the surface of the water. Topwater fishing works best in warm water conditions, typically anything over 55 degrees with topwater strikes getting extra spicy in water temps of 65+. A good topwater bite is unlike anything else in bass fishing, and we’ve put together a box of three dominant topwater baits! The beauty of this box is it provides you with the tools to effectively fish a frog, popper, and walking style topwater bait. If the fish are biting on the surface, this is the only box you’ll need.

What's Inside

Total MSRP value: $29.98, colors may vary from shown

Lucky Craft Gunfish

MSRP: $15.99

Walking or ‘Walk-The-Dog’ topwater baits are deadly in open water, when bass are feeding on the surface or schooling baitfish. The wide darting action easily imparted with the Lucky Craft Gunfish makes this a bait you can use all day without feeling like your arm is going to fall off.

Snag Proof Pro Series Tournament Frog

MSRP: $7.00

A hollow body frog is the workhorse of topwater baits. It can be fished in many conditions and around a variety of cover. Bust out the heavy stick and thick braid when you tie on the Snag Proof Tournament Frog. Matted grass, lily pads, reeds, and other areas of dense vegetation are good areas to target. Once you get a bite, make sure to pause for 1-2 seconds before setting the hook. Use this time to reel to slowly and lower your rod tip to retrieve any slack line, then set the hook with everything you've got and start cranking that lunker in.

Baker Lures Topwater Popper

MSRP: $6.99

We couldn’t put together a topwater box without a popper. This classic, highly effective topwater bait chugs and plugs across the surface while displacing water and putting off a unique popping noise. Each popper is different, and you’ll need to play with your bait before getting dialed in. You’ll know you’re dialed once the bait starts making a popping noise similar to a water droplet hitting a steel sink. Throw this popper on a spinning outfit with light line. Sometimes you’ll need to change the cadence of retrieval speed, too. Use long pauses when fish are lethargic, and short ones when they’re puttin’ on the feedbag.


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