Z-Man TRD HogZ

By: Z-Man

Z-Man TRD HogZ

By: Z-Man
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About This

Z-Man TRD HogZ

Twin tails, a ribbed body, and six thin, wiggling legs give the TRD HogZ from Z-Man a unique profile among creature baits. This 3" long bug is designed to imitate several kinds of water-dwelling invertebrates. Use it for your Ned-rig, or thread it on as a jig trailer and flip it into shallow cover. This bait's compact body is made of buoyant ElaZtech, and its quivering appendages give it an enticingly realistic appearance underwater. If you're looking for a versatile bait that’s perfect for jigs and Ned-rigs alike, you found it. It’s the Z-Man TRD HogZ.

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