skip work to fish

11 Excuses To Skip Work And Go Fishing

So, you want to play hooky to go fishing. Easier said than done! You’ve used the “I’m just not feeling well” excuse far too often, especially considering you come back with a tan the next day every time. Here are some next level excuses I’ve used you can give to your bosses when you want to take a personal day and get out on the lake:

1. “My Dog Has To Go To The Vet”

dog missing frisbee

Source: FOD

What, is the boss going to ask your dog to verify the story?

2. “My Kid is Sick”

sick baby

Source: Giphy

Someone has to take care of the baby (and bring him fishing). Sidenote: If you don’t have a kid this will most likely not work.

3. “My Pet Fish Died”

fish getting eaten

Source: Giphy

Time to greive, then catch a new one!

4. “I Have To Testify In Court”

you can't handle the truth

Source: ReactionGIFS

Go with this one and they legally can’t ask you and further questions.

5. “I Have A Migraine”


Source: Giphy

Migraines: Incredibly painful, and incredibly easy to fake.

6. “I’m Doing Independent Research”

research fail

Source: FOD

There are plenty of people making a career fishing and pretending to study the fish! Just say you’re out there for some sort of experiment.

7. “I’m Having Car Troubles”

car trouble

Source: Giphy

They don’t have to know your car is slower than usualr because you’re towing a boat.

8. “I’m Having Some ‘Stomach Pains'”

stomach ache

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If you let them know it’s THOSE stomach pains, they won’t ask any questions.

9. “I Have Lice”

lice head

Source: Giphy

This is a BOLD move, but it can earn you a very long fishing trip, and a lot of people will never touch your head again.


10.  “I Got In A Fender Bender”

car accident

Source: FOD

Just make sure you’re ready to take the bus for the next week while your car “gets fixed.”

11.  “I Have To Save The World”

james bond

Source: Giphy

Call your boss and sound out of breath. Tell him it’s a matter of national security and you can explain no more, hang up abruptly, and then fish for as long as you’d like. You’re welcome.

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