13 Year Old Lands The Potential State Record And Decides To Let It Go

From the New Mexico Game & Fish weekly fishing report – 13-year-old Alonso Ordaz recently landed a 55lb blue catfish while fishing on Elephant Butte Lake with his father. The two were using cut bait rigged on a Santee Cooper Rig while targeting fish on New Mexico’s largest reservoir.

Credit: New Mexico Game And Fish

To qualify for a new fishing state record, anglers must weigh their catch on a certified scale that New Mexico Game And Fish has approved. Instead of a state-certified scale, Alonso measured his catch with the handy digital scale they carry in the boat. Their scale read 55lbs which outweighs the previous record by three-quarters of a pound.

Since Alonso’s fish didn’t reach the certification specifications, his name will not enter the record book. Record setter or not, we’d like to congratulate on Alonso and his dad on their incredible catch.

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