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2 Dudes In Texas Caught With 173 Crappie OVER The Legal Limit!

2 Dudes In Texas Caught With 173 Crappie OVER The Legal Limit!

Photo Credit: Texas Game Wardens

Two greedy Texas anglers were recently caught with 173 crappies over their legal limit.

It all started when police were alerted by a passerby who noticed a 'suspicious amount' of dead crappie along the shoreline of an East Texas reservoir, Lake Of The Pines. The fish had all been filleted, which indicated foul play.

When police arrived, they tracked down two clowns that consider themselves anglers who had clearly been keeping way too many fish.

The two men were quickly charged for overharvesting, and their haul of crappie fillets were confiscated and donated to local families.

The Texas Department of Wildlife sets fishing regulations for a reason. It's a shame these two bad apples decided to snub their noses and completely ignore what is already a substantial fish limit.

However, if these two guys were using traditional methods, fishing with a rod and reel - Holy smokes, the fish must have been on fire that day!

Texas Crappie Regulations

In Texas, the daily limit for crappie is 25, and anglers can have up to a two-day limit in their possession at all times. Even if it's in the freezer at home, you're only allowed to have two daily limits per person in the household. Anything over that and you're breaking the law.

Treating fish and fishing regulations with respect provides better fishing for everyone. To learn more about crappie or fishing in Texas, check out the links below!

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Updated December 15th, 2020 at 4:28 AM CT