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3 Night Fishing Baits That Will Get Bit All Night Long

3 Night Fishing Baits That Will Get Bit All Night Long

Fishing during the middle of summer can be a grind. Not only is it hard to bear the intense heat, but finding and catching fish can be a challenge. Night fishing is a great way to beat the heat and catch fish.Night time fishing is most common among catfish anglers, but bass anglers can have just as much success at night. Lure selection is always important in bass fishing, but it is crucial for fishing under the cover of darkness. Here are our favorite lures that will help you catch fish all night long.


Spinnerbaits have been a go-to lure for night time bass anglers for years. There are three key features that make spinnerbaits such a great bass catcher at night: the thump, the flash, and the movement. When throwing a spinnerbait at night, target the same general areas that you would fish during the day. Laydowns, grass lines, and docks offer great cover for bass to hang out on for the night. Docks with lights can be especially productive. In many cases, dock lights fool bass into thinking that it’s still daylight and bass will hold tight to the dock as if they are getting daytime shade. Slowroll your spinnerbait around the edges of the dock and be prepared to get crushed.A killer spinnerbait for night fishing has a dark color pattern and obnoxiously loud thumping sound for calling up bass in the dark.


Nighttime fishing is all about making your lure seen and heard. Not many lures are better at creating a disturbance than a surface popper. Poppers are an ideal topwater bait for night fishing due to their capability to be retrieved slowly. To optimize your casts, twitch your popper back to the boat at a pace that leaves the popper floating idle for several seconds between pops. Bass will usually strike while the popper lies still after they have had time to locate the lure in the dark.Topwater poppers are especially effective during nearly full phases of the moon. The extra light cast by a bright moon is often just enough to trigger a night time bass feeding frenzy. Don’t be afraid to work your popper a little faster in these situations as bass will be actively searching for a meal.

Big Worms

Ah, the classic curly tailed worm. The curly tailed worm was one of the most highly revered baits for bass at one time, but has slowly lost its popularity. I think it’s about time we show this classic bait some love again. Big worms (10” and up) catch fish all summer long, but they really stand out against other soft plastics at night.A big Texas rigged worm is arguably the simplest way to catch fish at night. Fan casts large areas where fish set up like grass flats, creek channels, and points and slowly drag the worm across the bottom. When fishing at night you are relying almost entirely on the feel of the bait rather than seeing your line as in the in the day. It’s important to use non-stretch line like fluorocarbon to help you feel bites and bottom structure. As with all night fishing lures, use a dark colored worm like black and blue or junebug. Dark colored lures stand out better at night because they create a defined silhouette underwater.

Updated July 19th, 2017 at 3:24 PM CT