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3 Places To Find Trophy Bass In The Late Spring Season

3 Places To Find Trophy Bass In The Late Spring Season

Targeting and consistently catching trophy bass is something that very few anglers have the patience for. Truly trophy bass are often loners, respond differently to lures than smaller bass, and tend to frequent slightly different cover and structure than their smaller brethren.Sure, if you fish enough, you’ll catch a few big ones – but the true giants (6 pounds and up depending on where you live) take a special skill set to catch with any kind of consistency. One of those skills is identifying the correct structures and cover that frequently hold the big girls.Here are three prime locations to target a finned freak this season:

Trophy Bass Near Steeply Breaking Points

Giant bass are confident predators. They have very few predators in most lakes, and they know it. They are also pretty lazy, which is why steeply breaking points are often their home. A steep break line allows big bass to quickly change their depth without expending very much energy. They also funnel baitfish – which gives big bass an easy food source. Pay attention to the water surrounding points as well, Big bass tend to suspend off the drops – waiting for a big school of baitfish to swim by. Try targeting such points with deep diving crankbaits, large topwaters in low light conditions, and swimbaits.

Trophy Bass In Drains

On reservoirs and rivers, drains are old gullies and ditches that run through a flat area. Unlike larger creek channels, drains are often only a foot or two deeper than the surrounding flat, and as such they’re almost never found on GPS software. To a big bass, a drain is like a highway to the supermarket. Whenever they want to feed – they travel along the drain from feeding area to feeding area – stopping on any adjacent cover. Top presentations for big bass in drains are lipless crankbaits, football jigs, and vibrating jigs. Try to focus your attention on any rock, wood, or vegetation along the edges of the drain.

Trophy Bass Near Bridges

Bridges are great places to catch fish of all size and species – which is part of the reason they are also attractive to giant bass. Bridges concentrate current flow, harbor huge baitfish and panfish populations, and have plenty of cover for a big bass to hang out on. When targeting a bridge for big bass, don’t be afraid to fish the pilings out in the middle, as sometimes the biggest bass just suspend and pick off baitfish. The best tools for generating giant strikes around bridges are swimbaits, big jigs, umbrella rigs, and cranks.

Updated February 7th, 2019 at 9:36 AM CT