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3 Places To Look For Fall Bass

3 Places To Look For Fall Bass

Fall bass fishing is some of the most fun fishing of the whole season. The water starts to cool, conditions are much more pleasant, and the bass start binging on baitfish as they prepare for the coming winter.As fun as it can be though, fall fishing also has a frustrating side. The bass become scattered, and consistent patterns become shaky. One day you may catch them on deep brush, and the next they’re gone and you may find yourself spun out.Here are three great places to look for fall bass.

1. Marinas

Marinas usually have deep water and are excellent places for baitfish to congregate once they start coming in off the main channel. They also have tons of cover and vertical structure that bass find appealing. Targeting marinas, especially those close to main lake points or in major creeks is an excellent way to get bit as fish transition into their fall patterns. Try skipping a wacky worm like the BioSpawn ExoStick or swimming a shad pattern jig around the pilings.

2. Flats

Once the fall temperatures start cooling the main lake, baitfish will begin their migration to the backs of pockets and creek channels. Along the way they usually have to bypass large flats. Those flats can be dynamite in the fall, as bass will hold on them looking to intercept migrating baitfish. Focus on stumps, grass edges, or any other cover located on the flat. The best flats baits are those that allow you to cover water fast, like lipless cranks, spinnerbaits, or walk-the-dog style topwaters.

3. Channel swings

For the same reasons bass hold on flats, they will also hold on channel swings, particularly later in the fall when the majority of the baitfish are up the creeks. The last spot in a creek where the channel swings up against the bank is a dynamite spot to fish in the fall. Bass will hold on anything irregular on the channel, like rocks, stumps, or a brush pile. Try working these steeper banks with a jerkbait, deep diving plug, or swimbait.

Updated September 28th, 2020 at 8:38 AM CT