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3 Reasons Why You Need To Throw Hair Jigs

3 Reasons Why You Need To Throw Hair Jigs

Hair jigs are like the grandfather of silicone bass jigs anglers love to fish with today. Rarely do you overhear a bass angler remark: “yea caught em’ pitching a hair jig today” or, “landed all my good keepers skipping hair jigs under docks.”Unfortunately the old fashion hair jig isn’t fished as much as its more popular silicone predecessor. Though the hair jig may no longer be the big buzz on the water as it once was they can be the saving grace that bass anglers need when faced with a difficult bite.

1. Downsize is the right size

Micro methods can be the only way to tap into a difficult bass bite. Unfortunately choosing the right minimized presentation isn’t as easy as trimming your jig skirts or fishing a dropshot. Overcoming a tricky bite can be as easy as downsizing your presentation from a silicone jig to a hair jig. Hair jigs are commonly produced in smaller sizes, making them outstanding lure alternatives for bass unwilling to strike bulky silicone jigs. An additional upside of downsizing with a hair jig is that they are ideal smallmouth weapons for aggressive smallies lurking in rivers and lakes that have tendency to swipe larger baits.

2. Subtlety is the key

Hair jigs come in a variety of different weights, colors, and head designs but one attribute most all hair jig brands have in common is their subtle presentation. Hair jigs often consist of either buck or rabbit fur which does not flare, or expand as much as a silicone jig when idle underwater. The lack or movement and expansion of the jig skirt is extremely effective when targeting bass in deep cold water or when the fish tend to be picky.

3. The BEST lure for a late nighter

You wouldn’t think of a hair jigs as being a midnight angler's go-to, but in fact that is the only bait some anglers will ever touch during hot summer nights. Choosing to throw the right hair jig for night-time bass fishing could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Hair jigs in darker colors such as black or dark purple will silhouette in the water column perfectly, especially in clear water. Since bass are largely sight feeders they can easily key out small dark jig from a distance which tricks them into thinking they are preying on a suspending baitfish or swimming craw. Honing in on areas with deep grass beds near rocky bluffs are great points to look for night time bass when fishing hair jigs.

Updated July 28th, 2020 at 6:05 AM CT