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3 Spinnerbait Types You Need To Catch More Bass

3 Spinnerbait Types You Need To Catch More Bass

The spinnerbait didn’t land itself on the Mt. Rushmore of bass lures for no reason. Something about their flash and vibration calls out to bass, and they’re one of the few baits that are effective on any lake, at any time of the year.

Here are three different spinnerbaits you should have in your arsenal; along with the places and times of the year they are most effective.

1. Single or Double Colorado Bladed Spinnerbait

Colorado blades feature a round cupped surface and offer the most vibration and lift of any blade type. For that reason, Colorado bladed spinnerbaits are most effective when visibility is low. A Colorado blade can also be fished slower, making them more effective when the water’s colder and the bass are lethargic. Try throwing this model in the spring and fall, when the water’s dirty, on river systems, and around flooded brush.

2. Tandem Willow/Colorado Bladed Spinnerbait

This spinnerbait is the all-around champion’s choice. The tandem blades offer the flash of a willow with the thump of a Colorado, and the chartreuse/white combination is effective from coast to coast. If you want to throw a spinnerbait, a tandem willow/Colorado blade bait like the Catch Co. Spinnerbait is the best starting point for almost any condition while you’re dialing them in.

3. Double Willow Bladed Spinnerbait

Willow blades produce the most flash and the least amount of thump. They are ideal in clear water, windy conditions, and when the bass are feeding heavily on shad. The willow blades combined with the heavier (3/4 ounce) head make this model a power fisherman’s dream. It can be casted a mile and wound really fast. Double willow blades a great choice in clear water, over the top of submerged vegetation, and anywhere smallmouth swim. Try winding it as fast as possible while drifting over large flats where feeding bass cruise.

Updated May 15th, 2020 at 2:52 AM CT