3 Strange Fishing Spots You Wouldn’t Think To Fish

Finding new fishing hotspots is always on an anglers agenda, unfortunately due to the increasing popularity of bass fishing most fishing spots have been visited too often that they are no longer worth fishing. Though the secret, low key spots can hold some good fishing there are other alternatives to getting your limit this fishing season. Skip the timely process of searching for hidden honey holes and try focusing on more obvious lake characteristics worth fishing that get overlooked everyday.

1. Beaches:

Beaches provide excellent spawning areas for spring largemouth looking to bed up and reproduce. What most bass anglers don’t to realize is sandy beaches for bedding bass also serve as ideal spawn spots for bluegill as well. Adjacent gill beds pose as an easy meal for starving bass that have spent most of spring fanning beds and guarding fry. If the beach bite is on try fishing slow with a bluegill imitation swim baits just below the water surface or hop a weed head style jig around deeper sandy pockets with mixed in grass.

2. Boat Ramps:

Boat ramps are an excellent source of heat and structure for baitfish and bass. Algae grows heavily on boat ramps which supplies forage fish, like shad, with a plentiful food source. The unsuspecting shad pose as an easy meal for hungry largemouth and will draw large numbers or predatory fish in the boat ramp vicinity. Fishing boat ramps are an excellent way to cover a cold water bite during chilly spring and fall days when water temps begin to drop. Being that most boat ramps are constructed from concrete they will efficiently absorb heat and will elicit bass into a feeding mode when water temps drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A few baits to work along boat ramps are shallow or deep cranks. If water temps have dropped under 50 degrees Fahrenheit try slowing things down with a shaky head finesse worm or 1/4oz football head jig.

3. Factory Discharges:

Most anglers have had the pleasantry of passing by a sewage plant and noticed strange water pumping into the lake or river. Discharge sites like this are what cause mutant bass right? Wrong! Not all discharges are harmful, some factories and plants pump in clean, clear water thanks to strict EPA laws that control discharge water quality. Fish will congregate around clean discharge sites because these spots provide fast moving, oxygenated, cool water in the summer and warm, clear water in the winter time. There are variety of ways to approach discharge sites but casting cranks and fishing craws on a Texas rig seem to be the most effective methods.

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