3 Tips To Take Your Popper Fishing To The Next Level

The topwater popper is one of the most timeless bass lures in the arsenal. Countless anglers caught their first topwater fish on a popper, and there is something sublime about the “bloop-bloop-splash” that occurs when a popper is inhaled by an angry bass.

As timeless as they are, nowadays few anglers rely on poppers as more than just situational baits – which is a serious mistake. Poppers are one of the few lures that’s effective post-spawn through the fall, and catches both size and numbers of bass.

Here are three tips to becoming a better popper fisherman.

1. Accuracy Is Key

Unlike many other topwater presentations, poppers are most effective when placed right in a bass’ kitchen. Something about their subtle disturbance and realistic profile is just irresistible to bass from coast to coast. To maximize their uncanny ability to draw strikes though, you’ve got to put them where the fish live. Landing a popper like the Castaic BD Popper 4 feet away from the target will result in far fewer strikes than landing it right next to it. Practice makes perfect, and putting in the time will pay serious dividends. To be most effective, practice underhand pitches and roll casts, as they are the best way to present a popper to shallow targets.

2. Change Your Popper Cadence

When throwing a unique popper like the River2Sea Spittin’ Wa, it can be easy to drift away and mindlessly fish a whole stretch of bank with a single retrieve. Resist that temptation, and continuously experiment with different retrieves. Bass are notorious for responding very differently to different popper cadences. Start out with a quick “pop-pop-pause”, and then insert longer pauses, harder or softer pops, and even extremely slow or fast retrieves – and pay attention to what you’re doing when a fish eats.

3. Don’t Put The Popper Down

You can’t catch bass on a popper like the Argobast Hula Popper if you’re not throwing it, and putting it down is the most common mistake most anglers make. Poppers can be deadly all day, so keep one on your deck and use it any time you come across a likely looking spot – like a shade line, dock, laydown, or stump. You’ll be surprised at the number of popper fish you can catch even in the hottest and busiest part of the day.

Everything You Need To Know About A Topwater Popper

popper fishing 101
popper fishing 101
popper fishing 101
popper fishing 101

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