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3 Tips For Fishing The Largemouth Spawn Up North

It’s finally the right time of year, bass are spawning up north! In most northern lakes, bass head for the shallows just about the instant the ice is out. They begin to stock up on food, heavily feeding. Then, they make their beds. Then, they spawn. Here are 3 quick tips and an informative video on how to fish the spawn up north.

1. Look For Sunlight

Bass are looking for sunlight and warm water more than anything else in this period of time. Head for bays in the northern parts of the lake, where warm water and sunlight are prevalent. This will likely be the first part of the lake to see beds.

2. Tread Lightly

You don’t want to spook fish while you’re fishing the spawn up north. Cast across their beds while they are suspended and drag your bait back past them. Dropping a bait right on their head in clear water will cause them to swim away.

3. Adapt To The Spawn Up North

Bass are finicky beasts, especially during the pre-spawn and spawn periods. Adapt to what they want, and don’t give up!

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  1. How long a leader Line do you put on braid I trie 10 ft but the uni know keeps hitting my rod eyes any knot smaller I have micro dot.eyes

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