3 Tips For Summer Bass Fishing In Midday Heat

In the summer, it’s a known fact that the best times of the day to fish are at dusk and dawn. Light penetration is minimal, the lakes are quiet, and bass are on the feed. Early and late bass are much more active than midday bass.

But what if you can’t fish in the morning? Or if you strike out in the morning and want to make something happen amid all the recreational traffic?

This one’s for you!

The good news is that bass can still be caught well during the middle of the day, and if you know what you’re doing (and aren’t afraid to change tactics a bit), you can keep the bite going from launch to load.

Here are three tips to help you catch more midday bass:

1. Find Some Brush

fishing brush piles

With the sun at its zenith and the recreational crowd out in full-force, bass at midday are confronted with a constant stream of noise, commotion, and light penetration – akin to a human trying to hang out quietly in the middle of a rock concert. So, bass often do exactly what you’d do under those circumstances – they go hide. One of the top destinations for hiding bass is deep brush. They can get buried up in the brush, and hunker down in its safe confines until the hubbub calms back down. For that reason, deep brush should be target numero uno when trying to catch midday bass. Use your electronics to locate brush, and concentrate on fishing brush pile areas to get strikes.

2. Go Finesse


Bass tend to enter a period of inactivity during the hottest part of the day, much like people do when confronted with a hot steamy summer day. Similarly, most people probably don’t want a big thick rib eye for lunch when they’re constantly dabbing sweat from their eyes. Bass are the same way, and will often turn their noses up at a big gaudy presentation when they’re hunkered down in cover avoiding the heat of the day. Instead, use finesse fishing presentations tempt them with something small like a shakey head, drop shot, or small jig. It’s often just enough to pique their interest and draw some strikes.

3. Fish Thoroughly

cast further fishing

Midday bass are also often very unwilling to chase your baits, making it extremely important to thoroughly cover each piece of structure with multiple casts, from multiple angles. Concentrate on hitting each piece of a brush pile, ledge, or hump, and don’t be afraid to switch it up and fish the same piece of structure from the opposite direction, as there may be bass relating to specific places of the target. Also, once you catch a fish on a spot – keep working it as sometimes feeding activity from one fish can fire up a school and convince others to feed – even when they’re inactive.

Midday Summer Bass Fishing Video Tips

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