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3 Topwater Baits That Dominate Cold Water

3 Topwater Baits That Dominate Cold Water

Let’s play a quick game of seasonal bait association. When you hear the word ‘topwater’, what comes to mind?

It probably wasn’t winter…

Although the spring and summer will always be the predominant topwater time, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some darn good topwater fishing all winter – assuming your water is still wet.

Here are 3 dynamite topwater presentations to try during the colder months.

1. Buzzbaits

In a recent late-fall tournament in the south, almost all of the anglers that finished in the top-5 relied on, to at least some extent, a buzzbait for their catches. Buzzbaits like the Custom Lures Unlimited LiveWire BzB8t offer an enticing squeal, bubble trail, and profile that bass just can’t resist – even when it’s cold. Bass will willingly eat buzzbaits at water temperatures down to the low 50’s, and even lower if the conditions are right. Try slowing your retrieve until the bait is barely breaking the surface.

2. Walk-The-Dog Stickbaits

One of the deadliest late-fall topwaters, the walk-the-dog stickbait maintains its appeal well into the colder months. Once the crawfish become dormant, the main food source across much of the south is shad. Baits like the River2Sea Rover emulate a shad flicking on the surface and can be used all the way into water temperatures in the upper 40’s.

3. Wakebaits

Wakebaits are the finesse worms of the topwater world. They can be worked painstakingly slowly and in cold water perfectly emulate a shad or baitfish struggling on the surface. During shad die-offs wakebaits like the Biovex Amp Wake can be especially deadly, as shad dying from cold often hang on the surface before plummeting.

Updated April 21st, 2021 at 4:33 AM CT