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3 Unique Presentations For Fishing Under Docks

3 Unique Presentations For Fishing Under Docks

Everyone knows that bass love to hang around boat docks. For that reason, in many lakes, they are the main focus for pretty much every angler passing through. By early summer, there’s probably not a boat dock that hasn’t had a wacky rig or jig (classic presentations for fishing under docks) slung underneath it.Bass living under boat docks are some of the most pressured bass in a lake – and they quickly become resistant to the standard dock fare. One of the best ways to score under docks in these scenarios is to give them a different look.Here are 3 killer techniques for fishing under docks – that almost nobody is using.

Ned Rig

The Ned rig is one of the hottest finesse presentations in the game right now. Essentially just half of a soft-plastic stick bait threaded onto a diminutive jig head, for whatever reason it flat out gets bit. Despite all the recent attention, not many anglers are using the Ned rig under boat docks – which is a mistake. The Ned rig skips well, and its tiny profile appeals to tight lipped bass that have seen a procession of other lures.


The polar opposite of the Ned rig, a large 5 to 6 inch swimbait can also be a dynamite way to trigger strikes from bass living under boat docks. Hollow-bodied models actually skip really well, and they have the realistic profile and action that draws big bass crazy when you're fishing under docks. At times, a big swimbait subtly paddling its way past a big bass is enough to send them over the edge. Swimbaits also draw a lot of followers, which can be a great way to determine the quality of bass living under the dock, even if they don’t commit and you end up catching them on something else.

Topwater Frog

Say what, a topwater lure fishing under docks? Absolutely. In lakes with shallow boat docks or places where vegetation grows around them a hollow bodied frog can be a deadly tool for catching dock bass. They are almost completely snag less, skip like flat rocks, and produce the kind of commotion that draws the ire of any bass lurking nearby. Many frogs on the market today also walk like a stick bait, so even in gin clear water they can be lights out. There’s nothing like the explosion of a 5 pounder on a frog 20 feet back behind a boat dock.

Updated May 14th, 2019 at 8:45 AM CT