3 Ways To Learn A New Technique

I’m sure it’s happened to you before: You’re reading about some bass tournament, or watching a fishing show, and someone is absolutely wearing them out doing something that you’ve never even caught a fish on, and you’ll think to yourself, “I’ve got to learn how to do that.”

If you’re like most anglers though, that goal is never realized. A whole season will pass and you’ll still be throwing the same stuff in the same ways that you were before.

The reason for that is that learning a new technique is mentally challenging. It’s hard to stray from what you’ve had success doing in the past and head into the unknown of a new technique.

To help, we’ve developed the following tips to assist in getting you out of the “same old” and into something new this season.

1. Expose yourself

You can’t learn a new technique without seeing one first, so pay attention to what other locals are doing, read up on the internet and magazines for the latest techniques, and sign up for Mystery Tackle Box – you’ll get a box full of new each month!

2. Dedicate time

If you’ve got some semblance of self-control, try setting aside a couple hours each time you go out and dedicate that time to the new technique. Make sure to choose the right lake and time of day though – it’s tough to try and learn how to throw a frog at high noon on a gin clear, weedless lake.

3. Force the issue

If you’re like many anglers and have no self-control whatsoever (i.e. make three casts with a new bait, then pick up ole’ faithful), try removing (or not bringing) all rods and gear other than what you’ll need to try the new technique prior to the next time you go out. It’ll take a leap of faith, but if it’s something you really want to learn, doing so will dramatically steepen the learning curve.

(4. Try Mystery Tackle Box)

Mystery Tackle Box is a great way to discover new techniques. We send you new baits every single month along with information on how to use them. Over 25,000 anglers of all levels trust our service to help them become better anglers.

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