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4 Big Bass Baits You Need To Throw This Spring

4 Big Bass Baits You Need To Throw This Spring

Arguably every fisherman's favorite time of the year to fish is spring. Cabin fever is finally alleviated, the sun shines brighter and warmer, and the bass bite like crazy. Sometimes it seems that no matter what b/ait you decide to throw the bass will gobble it up without question. While this may be true at times, there are undoubtedly certain lures that will put bigger fish in the boat during the spring. Numbers of fish are fun to catch but for those of us that prefer the big girls, pay attention to the baits below.

Big Bass Baits: Swim Jig

One of the most fun lures to fish is the swim jig. Not only can you catch lots of fish on this bait, but big bass tend to key in on it. During spring, try a white swim jig. No matter the water clarity it seems that bass love a white swim jig. Depending upon the size of fish you are targeting, select a trailer that compliments the bait. Minnow or swimbait style trailers are very popular during this time of the year.

Big Bass Baits: Senko

Perhaps one of the most versatile plastic baits ever made, the senkois a great choice for big bass. Do not be afraid of the 6"+ sizes during the spring. Big females love a big meal. It means they can feed less often and expend less energy. The nice part about the senkois its ability to be rigged in numerous ways. Make sure to experiment with Texas-rigging as well as wacky style presentations. Stick to darker, contrasting colors like straight black, black/blue, and Junebug.

Big Bass Baits: Tube

The tube has been around forever and continues to catch some of the biggest fish each year. A tube is versatile and can be used for flipping and pitching as well as long-casting. It can be rigged Texas-style, on a goby head, or weightless and used in finesse as well as power fishing applications. Use a 4" white tube while bed fishing or when water conditions are dingy and get ready for the big mommas to come out and play.

Big Bass Baits: Swimbait

The World Famous Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

The swimbait is a huge springtime favorite for trophy bass hunters. Anglers get to use big rods, heavy line, fast reels and monster hooksets with this minnow imitating bait. There is nothing quite like a swimbait on heavy tackle. This presentation allows anglers to cover lots of water in search of big behemoth bass. Bomb cast a swimbait through spawning bays or staging areas. Slow-roll the bait at a steady pace so it just barely bounces off the bottom. Remember, the slower the better. Then, hang on.

Updated March 4th, 2024 at 7:56 AM CT