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4 Innovative Lures Changing The Way We Fish

4 Innovative Lures Changing The Way We Fish

The game has changed. As a part of natural evolution and overfished public spots, catching bass today is harder than ever before. Most of our most popular gamefish have seen some sort of crank, spinner, swimbait, and any other standard presentation. This is leading to necessary innovations in fishing, changing up standard presentations just enough to lure unsuspecting bass into biting. While some of these “innovations” are shots in the dark from bored fisherman that won’t catch anything but a desperate angler, some of these game-changers are actually catching fish day in and day out, and gaining popularity for good reason. Here are 4 of the best innovations to lures on today’s market.

1. Bladed Jigs

Bladed jigs were the answer to the question “what would happen if i could make my jig LOUD?” Instead of a strictly visual presentation that would require accurate casts after locating fish, the blades on these jigs actually work to bring fish to you. With a chomping flap that thunders through the column, bladed jigs like the Buddha Bait Co. Swagger Jig cause a disturbance no fish can resist.

2. Soft Body Lipless Cranks

Lipless cranks are best when fished through light vegetation, ripped through grass to imitate a wounded, struggling baitfish looking for an escape route. By giving these cranks a soft body, it adds to their action, while also adding durability. Soft lipless cranks like the Savage Gear Vibe can stand up to more bounces off docks, structure, rip-rap, and even boats. The soft body also lends a hand to longer bites. Bass will bite into the lifelike body and believe they caught a real minnow, giving you more time to set the hook effectively and get the fish back to the boat.

3. Underspin Jerk Baits

Adding an underspin to a jig head, or adding a blade to a soft plastic has been around for years. Adding an underspin to a jerkbait, however? That is brand new. The Reaction Strike Jerk Spin is a jerkbait that darts and dashes across the water, with a blade dangling just below it. The blade draws in more attention as it swims over predators, reflecting light and thumping across the body. This new addition to the jerkbait game can generate strikes when other standard jerkbaits simply don't.

4. Tin Buzzbaits

Buzzbaits are traditionally made with lead, and their noisy presentations are great for drawing bass out in difficult conditions. Buzzbaits like the Buddha Bait Co. Snooze Alarm Buzzbait, made with tin, take that objective to the next level. Tin buzzbaits scream below the surface, and no matter how tough the conditions, they effectively draw bass out of heavy vegetation and cover to give an annoyed chomp down on your bait.

Updated July 27th, 2016 at 9:48 AM CT