4 Reasons To Fish Underspins

Underspins are some of the most universal baits you’ll find in your tackle box. Year round, if you are in a clear water situation, these should be some of the first baits you tie on. Many pros won’t go out on the boat without one. They are perfect for suspended fish, and when big bass are hanging out around timber or a brush pile below the surface.

Here are 4 reasons to throw ’em more often:

1. Underspins Pair Up With Any Swimbait

fish head spin gif

Classic underspins like the Fish Head Spin will give enough added action to your bait that you can hook up any swimbait, but something like the Castaic Jerky J with more action in the tail is ideal.

2. Underspins Cover Tons Of Water

weedless fish head spin gif

A key to underspin success is to cover tons of water. Cast your bait as far as you can behind a Weedless Fish Head Spin and you don’t have to worry about any snags on the way back. Confidently throw any trailer with a weed guarded underspin to drag through muck and around a laydown. Let that swimming action pass by as many fish as possible.

3. Underspins Give TONS Of Added Action

fish head shaker

Bring the Fish Head Shaker back with a steady speed; not too fast but not too slow. Shaking underspins have an extra lip around the head to give added vibration to your presentation, making it a deadly combo for a soft plastic like The Reaction Strike Chunky Shad.

4. Underspins Make Hookups Easy

stand up fish head spin

One important thing to keep in mind with these underspins is not to set the hook with a crazy jerk of the rod. The Standup Underspins are designed to fish slowly across the bottom, or with a stop and go action to mimic a baitfish feeding on the lake floor. When you feel a tap on the rod, just keep reeling steadily until the fish is latched on. Too crazy of a hookset will jerk the bait right out of the mouth of a bass.

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