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4 "Uncommon" Rigs You Need To Know About

4 "Uncommon" Rigs You Need To Know About

Between the venerable Texas rig, the Carolina rig, the split-shot rig, the wacky rig, you’d think bass fishermen would have explored all the possible ways to rig a bait. However, if there’s one thing bass fishermen love, it’s unique and interesting rigs. We’re always tinkering and coming up with new and exciting ways to catch bass.Here are a few you may not have heard of.

1. Neko rig

The Neko rig came from Japan via California, and is essentially a nail-weighted, wacky rigged stick bait. By taking a conventional wacky rig and inserting a nail weight into one end of the bait, you make it sink faster, fall with an erratic glide, and trigger strikes from suspended bass.

2. Backwards Ika/tube rig

Like the “as seen on TV” phenomenon that was the “Flying Lure” rigging a Yamamoto Ika or Tube backwards (with the tentacles toward the reel) will produce an erratic, backwards glide that can get bites when nothing else will. It also skips extremely well, and as such is an amazing dock fishing rig.

3. Bubba shot

Had this list been generated 10 years ago, the drop shot would have certainly been near the top. Now, it’s a go-to finesse technique for anglers across the country. However, the bubba shot, or upsized drop shot is something that’s just getting noticed by anglers in many areas of the country. Essentially, the bubba shot is just a drop shot on baitcasting tackle. Typically it’s rigged on 16-20 pound fluorocarbon with a big EWG hook and creature bait or worm. The bubba shot is an excellent way to get a different look for your flipping presentation and keep the bait from getting lost in the bottom sediment.

4. Ned rig

Finesse anglers get ready, there’s a new kid on the block. Also called “Midwest finesse”, the Ned rig is basically a super-light mushroom head with a small 2-3 inch plastic threaded onto it. Typically, the whole package measures smaller than 3 inches. The light (1/32 – 1/8 ounce) weight creates an enticing glide on the fall, and it’s been racking up the catches throughout the Midwest in the last couple years.

Updated September 28th, 2020 at 8:56 AM CT